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Cántica – Ensemble La Reverie

This album, entitled Cantica, is an unusual mixture of early and Spanish music. Most pieces include spurious parts – as it were. They are our own compositions and arrangements, whose purpose is to comment on the pieces from the present time, holding a conversation with that old music.
The idea is to recreate the music of other times from a modern perspective with music instruments, connecting both worlds, old and new, mixing sounds from both of them in the same piece of music. This composition technique is what unifies our repertoire, making it homogeneous.

The members of La Reverie – musicians with long artistic careers – have performed with renowned and diverse music groups and institutions, such as the Symphonic Orchestra of Malaga’s Higher Conservatory of Music (Spain), Inocu (Italy), El Sombrero del Alquimista (Spain) and El Tercer Ojo (Bolivia). Their music has been heard in various cities and festivals, such as the International Music Festival in Cadaqués (Girona), the Salón de los Espejos (Hall of Mirrors, the elegant performance venue in Malaga’s Town Hall) or Granada’s prestigious International Festival of Music and Dance.



Cantica by La Reverie