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Luigi Boccherini – Concerto per violoncello e orchestra n. 9 in si bemolle maggiore G482

Boccherini’s Cello Concerto no. 9 in Bb, G. 482 was written in the late 1760s. A talented cellist, he wrote 12 concertos for the instrument. German cellist Friedrich Grützmacher chose this one to be arranged to fit a romantic style in 1895, and the work became known in this form, though it bears little resembalnce to the original script: there are cuts in fragments of the outer movements, the second movement was replaced by the one from the 7th Cello Concerto, G. 480, material from the 4th Cello Concerto, G. 477 is borrowed from the first movement and rondo -and used in the correspondent movements; the arpegios from the 5th Cello Concerto, G. 478 make an appeareance in minor form.


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