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Mauro Giuliani – Classic Giuliani – Alma Nova

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 171 total views,  1 views today 1. Grand Duetto Concertante Op 52 – Andante Sostenuto (Mauro Giuliani) (3:57) 2. Grand Duetto Concertante Op 52 – Menuetto- Allegro…

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Augustin Barrios, Anthony Holborne, Antoine Francisque, Francesco Canova da Milano, Isaac Albéniz, John Dowland, Luis de Narvaez, Mauro Giuliani, Pierre Attaignant – Musical Banquet – Alan Rinehart

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 123 total views 1. Fantasia Ness No 40 (Francesco da Milano) (1:05) 2. Fantasia 4 A Variety of Lute Lessons 1610 (Laurencini of Rome) (2:59) 3….

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