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Robert Schumann – Sinfonia n. 4 in re minore op. 120 – The Cleveland Orchestra – George Szell – 1947

SCHUMANN: Symphony No. 4 in D Minor, Op. 120 The Cleveland Orchestra George Szell, conductor I. Ziemlich langsam (Andante); Lebhaft (Allegro) I. Ziemlich langsam (Andante); Lebhaft (Allegro) II. Romanza II. Romanza III. Scherzo III. Scherzo IV. Finale – Langsam (Largo); Lebhaft (Allegro) IV. Finale – Langsam (Largo); Lebhaft (Allegro) Columbia Masterworks 10″ LP ML2040 Recorded […]

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JOHANN STRAUSS: Frühlingsstimmen

JOHANN STRAUSS: Frühlingsstimmen, Walzer, Op. 410 Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Georg Szell, conductor HMV 78rpm disc C 2687 (2WX-771) Recorded June 23, 1934 Digital transfer by F. Reeder Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Topics Johann Strauss, Szell, Vienna Philhamonic Orchestra, 78rpm da:

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